CHOICES, Inc. Home-Based Services Program provides therapeutic services in the homes of the children and their families. The goal of our Home-Based Services Program is to help families stay together and thrive. Often, good families have developmental challenges that an objective professional can help guide the family to wellness. This may include situations in which the child is at imminent risk of leaving or being removed from the home or is currently out of the home and needs help to return.


The Home-Based Services Program currently offers services in three different areas:


Children's Mental Health


CHOICES accepts referrals for children who have a Medicaid insurance provider. We will provide a full mental health assessment to determine if services are needed. The CHOICES caseworker will work with you in the home or a setting that is determined most beneficial to provide counseling to the child.


Family Conflict Resolution


CHOICES receives referrals from Montgomery County Children’s Services to work with kids and families. The goal of this program is to de-escalate the crisis and increase the conflict resolution and problem solving skills of all family members. We work with families to effectively manage behaviors and maintain a functional household. When appropriate we can link to other resources close to where you live.



Comprehensive Transitional


CHOICES provides youth with the skills and mental health services needed to successfully transition back home from a residential or mental health hospitalization.  Referrals are provided to us by Montgomery County Children’s Services. An initial assessment will be completed followed by an Individualized Services Plan for the child to meet skill based goals during transition.