Please note: All referrals for this program have to come from Montgomery County Children Sevices Division. We are unable to accept self referrals for Comprehensive Transitional Services.

Comprehensive Transitional Services (CTS) provides youth with the skills and mental health services needed to successfully move back home from a residential or mental health hospitalization. In some cases the less restrictive setting is kinship or foster care. CHOICES provides the family with needed mental health and skill based training.

Helping youth is accomplished through collaborative work with the MCCSD worker, CHOICES workers, community partners, family and the youth. An initial assessment is provided along with an evaluation of progress to determine when reunification or a step down to a less restrictive placement is appropriate. Once the assessment is done, an Individual Service Plan is developed for the youth. This sets forth the mental health and skill based goals for a successful transition.

The referral for this program originates directly from Montgomery County Children Services Division.

The goals for CTS are the following:

  • Provide safe and stable placement options within the community for transitioning youth offenders
  • Reduce delinquent behavior and recidivism
  • Increase/improve pro-social behaviors
  • Maintain youth in their community
  • Assist families in developing skills needed to promote reunification
  • Prevent residential placements of transitioning youth
  • Provide a continuum of care to meet the needs of this difficult population to include counseling and sex offender treatment
  • Provide crisis intervention services and supportive services to reduce placement disruption