Sarah Locker

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Hi! My name is Sarah Locker and I work as a licensing, training and recruiting worker at CHOICES, Inc.  In addition, I work on the PICK Mentoring program which helps our foster youth in finding a positive steady role model to be a part of their lives.  Prior to working for CHOICES I was completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Wright State, as well as completing the requirements to become a Licensed Social Worker.  I started as an intern at CHOICES, Inc. in September 2011 and began working for CHOICES, Inc. June 18th, 2012.

I grew up here in Dayton through junior high and then moved to the Kettering area when I began high school.  Now that I have graduated from Wright State the one thing I look forward to getting back into is concert band.  I have played flute for 23 years and enjoy playing for Sinclair Community College concert band.  In the future I would like to start a program that would provide foster youth and other children in need assistance in owning their own instruments, helping with repairs as well as providing lessons.  I feel that playing music is a great stress release and a great constructive way to express one’s feelings.

I have always known I would work with children in some way though I never imagined it would be in the social work field.  I am excited in pursuing this career and making a difference in the life of a child.


“At this moment, there are people only you can reach…and differences only you can make.”   ~Mike Dooley