Robert Bruce

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My name is Robert Bruce. I have recently been promoted the Independent Living Manager and look forward to the many challenges that are ahead. I love the Independent Living Program and know just what kind of a difference that the program can have on a young person’s life. I served as an Independent Living Specialist at CHOICES, Inc. for over 8 years and have been employed at CHOICES for 14 years. I was born and raised in the greater Miami Valley. I am a very proud husband and the father of two awesome young girls. I started working at CHOICES as a group home staff at CHOICES, Inc.’s transitional living facility in Springfield called Poplar Cottage. At Poplar, we worked with co-ed youth between the ages of 15-18 on preparing them to live independently. After working there for several years, I was promoted to shift supervisor. I had earned a state certification from the Ohio Association of youth and Child Care Professionals and was very excited to continue my work with young people.

After a few more years, CHOICES, Inc. began to experience some unforeseen challenges at the cottage and was forced to close the doors. I was given a new position of foster care case aid within the agency. That was short lived and I soon accepted a position as IL specialist in the Independent Living Program. This was and continues to be very exciting. I have the awesome opportunity to work with some very intelligent young people in some challenging situations. It is my job to help prepare them for living alone. A very wise mentor once told me that “the key to developing young people is to catch them doing something right”. I have tried very hard to live and work by that advice. I have a very deep Christian faith and I am in awe and inspired by the work God continues to do in my life. Working at CHOICES, Inc. has made me a better man. I am sure that these experiences with the youth we serve will make me a better father to my children and a better servant in my community. I love my co-workers dearly and greatly appreciate all they do to positively influence the lives of the youth that we work with. CHOICES, Inc. is home to me.