Mara Warner

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Mara Warner MSW, LSW

“The importance to change is not to focus all of one’s energy on fighting the old, but to strive when it comes to building the new.”

Hello, my name is Mara Warner and I have been studying social work for the past five years. Within those five years, I have received my LSW and completed my Master’s Degree in Social Work practice. As a social worker, I have had experience working with at risk youth and their families within a community based setting, providing mental health counseling and family conflict services.

When it comes to working with individuals of all walks of life, I believe it is important to focus on one’s strengths and accomplishments, in order to assist them in instilling change to their lives. Within social work practice, I believe in using cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, trauma focused interventions, and psychodynamic practices. As a social worker, I believe meeting an individual where they are at, can assist them in putting their strengths to work, to create a positive and progressive change.