Earl Nichols

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 “Everything happens for a reason.” This is one of my favorite quotes as I truly believe that in life there is a reason for the things that we go through even though it can be difficult to see the reason.

Working as a mental health therapist since 2015, I have worked with a variety of mental health diagnosis and with many youth in the community. I have had a lot of success in working with people who are struggling with anger issues, defiance, as well as anxiety and depression. Many people tend to think that seeking help through mental health services is a weakness, however the insight to know you may benefit from some assistance actually proves strength and wisdom. I try to help my clients gain insight and wisdom while receiving services, as this will be able to help my client’s continue to grow once services have ended. I provide compassionate and supportive environment that allows for my clients to fully be themselves while in session in efforts to promote healing and self-discovery. I have specialties in Cognitive Based Therapy and Trauma and loss therapy.