Amanda Sheidler

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Amanda Sheidler, QMHS


My favorite quote is ‘By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong’.  These are words I live by in my personal and professional life.

My name is Amanda Sheidler, MS and I graduated from the University of Dayton in August 2007 and pursued a license in school counseling.  I have vast experience in the education and clinical fields since I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wright State University in 2003.  I have fulfilled duties such as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, school counselor, home-based special needs caregiver, volunteer for the courts, tutor, and finally my current position as a home-based mental health specialist.

I have enjoyed working with youth in all capacities and all ages.  I have some experience with children with autism and I have been trained in crisis prevention.  I especially enjoy working with the younger children who are passionate about their life and they are willing to share their thoughts and feelings openly.  In the clinical setting, I use a humanistic approach in which I show openness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.  Clients are allowed the opportunity to express their feelings without being judged and I help clients to discover their strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses