Parents or guardians whose children have Medicaid based insurance can refer their children directly to CHOICES for services.

CHOICES, Inc. provides mental health services to children in their homes (Home-Based Services). The program is structured with the understanding that families are best served in settings that are comfortable and convenient to them.

An understanding mental health provider from CHOICES will come to your home and assess your child’s needs. If it is appropriate for your child to receive services a personalized service plan will be developed to help them meet their goals. The frequency of appointments will be determined at this time and will be scheduled between you and the CHOICES staff. During your time of service 24-hour emergency crisis support is available. Home-Based Services will end when your child’s goals are met.

When to Call? This program may be able to help your child if he/she is experiencing one or more of the following:

  • A change in behavior in the home, school or community.
  • An unexplained academic decline.
  • Loss of interest in things your child typically enjoys.
  • New or increased anxiety.
  • Experiencing a death or traumatic event.
  • Increase in anger or impulsiveness.
  • When you are struggling to manage your child’s behaviors.
  • When things just don’t feel right. (trust your gut)


Our Mental Health Services for children include the following:

Mental Health Assessment (MHA)

All clients will receive a mental health assessment to identify their needs. Think of it as a mental health check up. This is a structured way to assess the needs of the client. A licensed mental health clinician conducts these assessments.

Individual Service Plan (ISP)

The service plan provides the client with a unique path toward wellness. It typically will contain two or three goals towards healthy living. These goals will be developed with the client.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)

CPST is an approach that teaches children and families ways to mange mental healthy symptoms. Some of the skills that may be taught are anger management, relationship skills, stress management and social skills.

Behavioral Health Counseling (BHC)

This approach is to help people work through issues that have been identified through the MHA and are listed on the ISP. Counseling assists in gaining insight, processing, identifying issues and problem solving.

Tele-Health Psychiatry

And additional service provided to our office that is offered to CHOICES clients who are enrolled in Home-Based Services. This cutting edge technology provides our clients with medical symptom treatment without the limits of distance.

If your child could benefit from our mental health services or you have questions please call our main office at (937) 264-0084. You can also email us.