Foster Parent Licensing Information | Monthly Virtual Open House

Interested in becoming a foster parent??

Living in the Dayton, Cincinnati or Greater Miami Valley area?

                Join us from your COUCH to learn more about becoming a foster parent through CHOICES, Inc.!!

Every month we are hosting a VIRTUAL Open House on Facebook to give you all the details:

  • HOW to become a licensed foster parent
  • WHAT is required to complete the process

The event runs for 7 days, and will typically be on the second week of the month. Spots open up the week prior to the event, so make sure to RSVP on the event page to save your spot! You can find the events on our CHOICES, Inc. Facebook page by clicking this link.

You can also reach out to our Foster Parent Recruiter, Samantha McFadden, by phone at (937) 264-0084 ext. 111 or by email

Virtual Open House Event Dates


Open Enrollment (1st-7th)

Event: (8th-14th)


Open Enrollment (Dec. 30th-Jan 4th)

Event: (5th-11th)


Open Enrollment (2nd-8th)

Event: (9th-15th)


Open Enrollment (1st-7th)

Event: (8th-14th)


Open Enrollment (March 30th-April 4th)

Event: (5th-11th)


Open Enrollment (3rd-9th)

Event: (10th-16th)


Open Enrollment (1st-6th)

Event: (7th-13th)

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