September of Opportunity | Spread Birthday Cheer to Foster Kids

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Birthday celebrations can be tough while in foster care…but with your help we can make them more cheerful.  Kids who are in foster care often don’t have fond memories of birthday parties with friends, family or sometimes any kind of celebration.  Prior to care it is common for birthday’s to be overlooked.

This is why our caseworkers try to take something small to each child in our program to celebrate their day! CHOICES has a donation resource area that staff can utilize year round with toys, crafts, games and more for younger kids.

However, we don’t always have something for our older kids…and we have a high number of teenagers in our program. Will you help us fill this gap? 

Join us in our final September of Opportunity ask, to provide 13 foster kids a $10 gift card for their birthday.  In total we are seeking $130 to purchase gift cards for all of our birthdays in October and November of youth who are 13 and older.

13 donors…$10 each, and you will help us show some very awesome kids their big day matters and that someone cares! Donate now online by clicking here.

Together let’s end the birthday blues for kids in foster care! Questions? Contact Ashley Pester, Development Director, at or (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.

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