Adoption Day for 3 Brothers

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Monday was an exciting day for the CHOICES family, but especially for three siblings and one of our foster families…it was their adoption day!

The three boys were young when they were placed in the home of Romy and Gary. Katrell was only 2, Junior was 1 and JJ was just a few months old.  Over the last three years these boys have only known their foster parents as Mommy and Daddy. It was no surprise when they wanted to make it official through adoption.

It has been a long process, with many appeals through the court process and lots of paper work…but finally they have a FOREVER FAMILY.

The three brothers were well behaved in court and excited to see the judge and bang the gavel to make their adoption official.  Gary’s parents were able to attend and the boys quickly ran back to give Grandma and Grandpa hugs while Mom and Dad finished up paperwork. (look at those smiles)


Katrell, Junior and JJ will also have 4 adult brothers and sisters who are very involved and supportive of their adoption!

So what were they most excited about? Well it turns out they got new bunk beds last week and Katrell is very excited about being able to sleep on the top bunk. Foster youth aren’t allowed to sleep on the top bunk until they are 6, but now that they are adopted Katrell can sleep on top.

We are all very excited about our newest forever family! The boys have a lot of fun helping Mom and Dad in the garden and feeding the chickens and other animals.  Congrats to you all!

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