Success Story | 2 Youth in Foster Care Transtion to College

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CHOICES loves to champion the transition from foster care to college, it’s an important milestone in any young adult’s life.  For kids in foster care it is a BIG accomplishment to enroll in college classes. Nationally around 50% of youth in foster care graduate high school or obtain a GED. Following high school the statistics are even more grim, only 3% will graduate with 4 year college degree.

This Fall Devon and Jawaan started the Gateway program with Clark State, they are excited and positive about this new beginning.  The young men live on campus at Wright State University but take their classes at Clark State.  This program allows for them to build up their grade point average receive instruction in smaller more personal atmosphere.  Eventually Devon and Jawaan will transfer to be Wright State Raiders. (#braggingwrights anyone?)

They are extremely blessed to still have positive and ongoing relationships with their respective foster parents. (This is why we know CHOICES has the best foster parents around) On move-in day their foster parents were able to help Devon and Jawaan move into the dorms. Try to imagine what it would be like to move into the next chapter of your life with NO support and no one to help you transition, when everyone else seemingly has Mom, Dad and family in tow…

Devon and Jawaan will be able to return to their foster parent’s home during Christmas break.  Jawaan has even been offered the opportunity to work at his former job for the time that he is back.  We know it is important that youth in foster care maintain connected to someone continuously for support, we are grateful CHOICES foster parents can be that source. Learn more about becoming a foster parent by clicking here.

We are cheering for both young men to succeed! We hope to share in upcoming years that Devon has received a degree in nursing and Jawaan has become a physical therapist.

As supporters of CHOICES, our families, kids and their dreams you are an important piece in making these visions of success become a reality.  Click this link to learn more about our programs and how you can influence current youth.  Donate now to directly benefit a child in our foster care program by visiting our GIVE page.

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