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We have a 13 year old that has spent time and created her own creature, drew it and named it! She's determining its strengths and powers next. She is responding well to this part of her home-based therapy! ... See MoreSee Less

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Collin Kenney & Carrie Gray🤩

Thank you for playing along with our Yard Sign Scavenger Hunt to help raise awareness for the need for Foster Parents!

Please message us to claim your $25 Gift Cards🤗
IF you would like the chance at winning GIFT CARDS:
*Look for CHOICES yard signs in your community.
*Take a PICTURE when you find one!
*Post your picture to your facebook page with the hashtag #choicesfostercare (make sure your post is set to PUBLIC).
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We ❤️ Beavercreek pizza dive!!Big thanks to our friends at CHOICES, Inc. (Children Have Options in Caring Environments) for gifting us with pens. CHOICES brings change to youth and families by providing personalized services and building safe environments. Their services include foster care, independent living, and home-based services. You can find out more about CHOICES at

We've gone to single-use on pens. (when you sign a receipt, you keep the pen--so we're not sharing from person to person). And that means we're going through pens like crazy. If you have any that you'd like to get in circulation, we'll be happy to take them off your hands. 🙂

Thank you Sanderson Insurance Agency, Beck Law Office, L.L.C., Missy Sansabrino, Realtor with Home Experts Realty, Chase Bank, USAFunds, and Becky Ingling - Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors for donating some very nice pens. They're in the hands of lots of Pizza Dive customers now. 🙂

Beavercreek Pizza Dive is open for Curb Service and Delivery, including our new Doorbell Ditch No-Contact Delivery.

Order online at, or text "Beavercreek" to 33733 for the app.

All of our drivers are our employees, meaning they are held to the strict and restrictive Health Department policies. We do not use third party services.

Our patio and inside dining are closed. We'll keep you posted on when is the right time for us. For now, it's all curb service and delivery.

We are thankful for a community that supports our store and our team, especially now. We appreciate the orders that are keeping us open and keeping our team on the job--and the generous tips (we've noticed). Thank you. We are grateful.

Beavercreek Pizza Dive
4021 Dayton Xenia at Grange Hall
Delivery • Curb Service • Carry-Out
Text "Beavercreek" to 33733 for the app
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Help us welcome our NEWEST Foster Parents: Alyssa & Matthew🥳🥳

When we asked them why they chose to become foster parents, here is what they had to say:
"We got into foster care initially from Alyssa being a labor nurse and seeing all the babies not go home with their parents due to drug issues or something else. She always wished she could take all the babies home with her that didn't have a home and now we can!"

They are interested in taking just one child for now: 1yr and under (but they think about increasing that age group almost everyday) 💚

For fun they like to go hiking and spoil their dog at the dog park!

We are so excited to welcome you both into our CHOICES Family💙💚

#LoveMakesAFamily #FosterFamilyFriday
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After some deep thought one of our Bridges youth has decided to pursue a career in healthcare. She hopes to be accepted to Cincinnati State and work towards become a community healthcare worker! ... See MoreSee Less

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